Fun Tooth Fairy Ideas

Creative Tooth Fairy Ideas

Losing one’s baby teeth is a big deal. Use this opportunity to celebrate growing up by making the first tooth a special event. Here are some ways (simple and inexpensive) that you can add a little magic to the experience.

half canadian dollar1. Use a special coin.
Quarters and dollars may be a lot of money to your child, but they’re pretty mundane. Everyone has them. Spruce up the event by giving out a denomination that isn’t quite as common, like a half dollar or silver dollar coin.  You can also use clear glitter nail polish and paint the coin you use – to make extra special tooth fairy money.

tooth pic2. Catch the tooth fairy in the act.
Create a photo of the tooth fairy visiting your child by taking a picture of them sleeping the night the fairy visits. Upload it to and receive a digital image that shows the tooth fairy herself in the middle of her transaction. ($10 charge).

sleeping kidFor free you can upload the photo to a site like PicMonkey and add some star bursts. Download an image of the tooth fairy and insert it into your picture. (Once you have uploaded your picture – go to the “butterfly icon” on the left – and it will open up “overlays” – go to “elements” and then “sparkle stars”

toothglitter3. Sprinkle some “fairy dust.”
Pick up some glitter at the dollar store and spread it on the child’s window sill, floor, or pillow. You can also have the child leave his or her tooth in a glass of water. At night remove the tooth – put some colour and glitter in the glass.

tooth fairy note4. Write a letter from the tooth fairy.
Instead of just leaving money, write a letter to your child from the tooth fairy that praises him/her for good behavior and encourages more. You can do something as simple as writing a note with a pencil and piece of paper, or you can be as creative as you like with stickers or drawings. Make sure to sign the tooth fairy’s name. There are also several places on the web that will help you customize notes or letters. Use these adorable free printable tooth fairy notes from Handmade Charlotte.    They include a small envelope to place the tooth in and a notecard from the tooth fairytooth fairy notesssfefddfsfdd


9724197682_26ecc654ed_ctooth fairy5.  Keepsakes   Buy or make a special Tooth Fairy pillow or box. has cute pillows, or bowls etc., if you are not the creative type.  Or you can go to the craft store or dollar store, buy some paints and create a container. 

original_tooth-fairy-door6.  A Tooth Fairy Door Set up a miniature door for the Tooth Fairy to come through.  You can buy one on a site like, or decorate a dollhouse door yourself, and hang it on the wall so that the Tooth Fairy can get into the kids’ rooms.

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