What’s hiding in your food & drinks?

Everyone knows that certain foods, like candy and pop, contain sugar – but just how much?While vegetables and fruits are an important part of your daily nutrition (and much better for you than desserts and junk food),  it’s important to keep in mind that they also contain sugars that can be harmful to your teeth.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  These illustrations are a great visual to demonstrate what we are really consuming with regards to sugars.

For more information on Sugar Attacks on Your Teeth and what you can do to protect your teeth see our blog post Sugar Attacks – Are You At Risk

The photos are from www.sugarstacks.com.  Visit their site to see even more foods.  Their note: We don’t differentiate between different types of sugar – i.e., sucrose, fructose, cane sugar, corn syrup, honey, etc., although there are differences in how these sugars are metabolized. We just used cubes of white sugar as a visual aid. Nutritional information was taken from package labels, manufacturer websites, or the USDA nutrient database.
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