Mouthguards – Why Wear Them?

Six Reasons to Wear a Protective Dental Mouthguard

1. Mouthguards Protect Against Fractures

One of the most important functions of mouthguards are to keep your teeth from breaking. The mouthguard does this by distributing the stress of the impact to the entire length of the tooth.

2. Mouthguards Protect Against Tooth Displacement

If you are hit in the mouth, and are wearing a mouthguard, it can distribute the force of impact over all of your teeth so that one tooth doesn’t receive a crushing blow.

3. Mouthguards Protect Against Knocking Out a Tooth

Mouthguards can protect against your tooth getting knocked out.  Even a baby tooth that gets knocked out could cause trauma to a developing permanent tooth and might require a space maintainer.

4. Mouthguards Protect Against Soft Tissue Injuries

A mouthguard covers the sharp biting surfaces of your teeth and can prevent the teeth from biting the cheek and tongue as well as biting through the lip.

5. Mouthguards May Protect Against Concussions

Mouthguard may help prevent concussions.  Since there is padding between the mandible (lower jaw) and the maxilla (upper jaw),  if you sustain a blow to the mandible, the padding could lessen the force of the mandible pushing up on the skull near the brain, which could cause a concussion.

6. Mouthguards Protect Against Jaw Fractures

Mouthguards also protect against jaw fractures.  When you sustain a blow to the head and your teeth contact each other, there’s not much room for flexibility.  But, if you have a layer of flexible plastic between your teeth, it can act as padding and save your jaw from fracturing.

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