Use it or Lose it!

Some of our patients are lucky enough to have dental insurance to help them cover a portion of their dental treatment.
We’ve all heard the old saying “use it or lose it” .
This time of year – it applies to dental benefits as well.  The majority of dental benefits run on a calendar year – meaning that new benefits begin again January 1st.
This is great for many people who have a yearly maximum and have already used up all their benefits for the current year.  However, many people have used very little of this year’s dental benefits, yet have outstanding dental work that needs to be completed.  Unfortunately, dental insurance companies won’t allow you to carry forward any unused benefits to the new year.  Simply explained if you have dental benefits of $1000 per year, and haven’t used your benefits for 2 years, you would think that/hope that come January you would have $2000 available to invest in your oral health.  However insurance companies don’t work that way – in fact they are quite happy when you don’t use your benefits.  Come January you will still only have $1000 available to complete any work you require.
You or your employer pay a lot to purchase the dental benefits.  Not using them when you have work that needs to be done, is like throwing out good money.
Why not take full advantage of the dental benefits you do have?   Call us today to complete your dental work before the end of December.
Keep in mind — should you have dental insurance it is important for you to understand that any treatment recommended by the dentists is determined by their clinical findings and not influenced by your insurance coverage. Unfortunately the insurance company does not know, nor do they care what your dental needs are.  Professional responsibility dictates that patient care be the only driving force for treatment recommended and carried out by our dental team.
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