Water Fluoridation

Water fluoridation has been a hot topic in London lately. 

A number of the questions about fluoride are based on myths and misconceptions advanced by a small faction opposed to water fluoridation.  The American Dental Association has evidenced based information answering many questions about fluoride.  It is contained in a document called Fluoridation Facts.

The answers to the questions that appear in Fluoridation Facts are based on generally accepted, peer-reviewed, scientific evidence.  The answers are supported by thousands of credible scientific articles including more than 350 references, within the document.

Sixty years ago, Grand Rapids, Michigan became the world’s first city to adjust the level of fluoride in its water supply.  Since that time, fluoridation has dramatically improved the oral health of tens of millions of people. 

Fluoridation of community water supplies is simply the precise adjustment of the existing naturally occurring fluoride levels in drinking water to an optimal fluoride level. 

Studies conducted throughout the past 60 years have consistently indicated that fluoridation of community water supplies is safe and effective in preventing dental decay in both children and adults.  It is the most efficient way to prevent one of the most common childhood diseases – tooth decay.  Tooth decay is 5x as common as asthma and 7x as common as hay fever in 5 – 17 year olds).

For most cities, every $1 invested in water fluoridation saves $38 in dental treatment costs.   It is estimated that without fluoridation, there would be many more than the 51 million schools hours missed each year in the United States alone, due to dental related diseases.

Some of the topics this article addresses are:
What is fluoride?
How does it help prevent dental decay?
Fluoride for children?
Harmful to humans?

To view the article and get answers to these and more questions, visit

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